On Navratna Seeds we are working only for the quality we never ever thought for quantity. Our working principle is to work harder for the best quality seeds for the farmers so they can get the best yields from it.

We always work on four quality parameters for the seeds.

1. Genetical Purity
For us the priority of quality is genetical purity of that seeds and its purity level should be more than 99%.
It means all the seeds should be of the similar variety which we produced and no other seeds of the same crop is mixed in it, so the farmers can get the best seeds.

2. Vigour and Germination
The health status of seeds is also necessary and for it we test the seeds 3 times with advance technologies and only the lots which are higher in germination and are having good vigor will be packed for the sale in the market.

3. Physical Purity
Physical Quality is the second most important character of good quality seed. It is the cleanliness of seed from other seeds, debris, inert matter, diseased seed, and insect-damaged seed.

4. Uniformity
The seed with good quality should have uniform size, weight, and color. We achieve it via best cleaning infrastructure, we always clean the seeds by 3 Grading and Cleaning Process also we have the best machines in the market to obtain this quality parameter.

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