Processing and Storage:

We are having state of the art facilities and A special team for Storage and Processing for Seeds

Following is our processing cycle

1. Thrashing:

This processing will happen on the farms where the seeds will be produced after a good harvest the must process is thrashing and we have a special team for the thrashing of the seed so the purity and physical quality of the seeds can be maintained. Now this seed called a Raw Seed.

2. Pre-Cleaning

After the thrashing, the seed will arrive at our warehouses and we will start us in house processing of the seeds, The first process it Pre-Cleaning which will remove big stones and stems from seeds.

3. Grading :

The Grading is the main process of cleaning the seeds from unwanted dust, leaves, things, debris and other crop seeds along with this process also useful in achieving uniformity because it also removes some of the bigger and smaller sizes of the side and you will get idea uniform seed.

4. Post Cleaning:

Some times the grading process is unable to achieve uniformity of the seeds so the last processing by the post-cleaning machines we get the perfect quality of the seeds.

5. Storage:

Our storage and warehousing facilities are our strength for maintaining moisture & quality of Seeds.

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