Terms & Conditions

Order terms and conditions:

When ordering products from the Online store, the customer must give his/her name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number. This data is saved in Aqua Protecth store customer register. The Aqua Protecth is responsible for the proper use and storage of data. For more detailed information, see the register description.

When a customer submits an order in the Online store system, this constitutes a binding purchase agreement. The customer receives an automatically generated order confirmation. This confirmation should be kept for possible future reference. The customer must store the order confirmation and order code securely and protect them against unauthorized access.

Aqua Protecth store prices include VAT in its valid rate.
Delivery costs are included in the prices.

Terms of payment:
The products and delivery costs are paid in conjunction with placing the order. Aqua Protecth store uses the Cash on Delivery. The following methods of payment are not available in the Online store: Class trip and group orders can also be paid with invoice on Delivery.

The Aqua Protecth may request verification for the purpose of resolving possible disputes about the purchase. Payment on Cash on Delivery

Payment with invoice:
Payment with invoice is available for products , corporate and group products. Once you have completed all required fields and click the payment, the system confirms receipt of the order and you can review the order confirmation. This e-mail is also your invoice. It contains all the necessary information for paying the order. Please note that the products will be sent to you on Cash on Delivery.

Terms and conditions of delivery:
Products ordered from the Aqua Protecth store are delivered to the customer by mail or for pick-up at the pick-up points at our office during their opening hours. Pre-ordered wristbands can be collected from the pickup window with the order code found in the order confirmation. The pickup window is located in the centre of Aqua Protecth office.

When picking up a delivery, the customer must show the order confirmation or order number provided by e-mail.

If the order is picked up from the pick-up point, all products must be picked up at once. The same method of delivery must apply to all products in the same order; you can't have some products delivered by mail and some to be picked up.

Products delivered by mail can also be ordered as gifts, in which case you enter the payer's address and recipient's address separately.

If a product is damaged or lost during transportation, the Aqua Protecth the costs caused by this. If a product is damaged or lost during return from the customer to the Aqua Protecth, the party responsible for the damage is either the Aqua Protecth or the Post, provided that the customer has a receipt of submitting the return. If the customer has not kept the return receipt, the responsibility for the lost or damaged shipment belongs to the customer or the Post.

Delivery time:
Products ordered for delivery by mail are sent as soon as possible after processing the order. The estimated delivery time is 24hr after submitting the order in the system.

Products ordered for pick-up can be picked up from the pickup window during their opening hours on the next day after placing the order.. Ordered products are kept at the pick-up points according to their validity.

If the order processing is delayed, we will try to notify the customer of this by Phone. If the order delivery does not arrive within 24 hr, the customer should contact Aqua Protecth customer service by e-mail or telephone.

Returns and Complaints:
All products sold in the Aqua Protecth store can be returned within 3 days after the customer has received the delivery. However, the return right does not concern campaign products with limited availability. The return right is specified in each product's specification. The customer can return the entire order or only some of the ordered products. In order to expedite the return process, the customer can complete the product return form. The returned products must be completely unused or in pristine condition. The Aqua Protecth will not redeem any products after the expiry of the return right period.

Products can be returned in person to the Aqua Protecth store pickup window or by mail. For mail returns, normal postage is reimbursed to the customer. All products must be returned at once and in the same parcel. The customer must request a receipt of the return from the post office. The customer must be able to verify the return costs.

Returns are processed as quickly as possible. The processing time is 1 to 2 weekdays from the day following the arrival of the returned products. The refund is paid to the customer's account within 10 days of the return. If the return shipment does not meet the requirements, it is returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

Any and all complaints and remarks must be presented within 14 days of receiving the products. The vendor's liability for consumer complaints is limited to cancelling the purchase and refunding the purchase price.

Complaints concerning defective products must be submitted immediately. However, defective products are not bound by the 14-day return right; they can be reimbursed even later. The primary compensation offered to the customer is a corresponding product free of charge.

Aqua Protecth is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure. In this context, 'force majeure' refers to unexpected changes in general operating conditions, which cannot have been predicted or prevented with reasonable efforts. Aqua Protecth strives to notify its customers of force majeure cases as quickly as possible.

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